The History of Cat Food

Cats are beloved pets to many people and are often treated much like the owner’s child. Owning a pet can be very expensive when food costs, litter, and veterinarian bills are considered; however, certain products are created to save costs. Products like the cat food spatula in Hatfield, PA, may cut food costs by ensuring that no contents of a wet food can go wasted.

Cat food is made with the specific dietary needs of the “feline friend” in mind. Cats require certain amino acids in their diet such as taurine; however, during the manufacturing of the food, this amino acid may be degraded due to high levels of heat, pressure, and chemical treatments. Because of this, certain nutrients are added to the food after it goes through the manufacturing process. It is important that cats are fed food that is specifically made for them and not for other animals such as dogs. Dog food lacks many of the essential amino acids that cats need for optimum health. Deficiency of such amino acids and nutrients can lead to cardiac and eye problems. 

Because cats are natural hunters and are able to fend for themselves, the manufacturing of cat food began much later than the manufacturing of dog food. Centuries ago, cats were mostly kept for their ability to hunt and catch mice. Many owners of cats during this time were under the impression that after eating the mice, cats had their dietary needs met; however, in the mid-1800s French writers began to criticize this idea. This particular writer stated that cats are more likely to play with the mice than eat them, and with a lack of other food sources, the cat may become too malnourished to hunt. In the late 1800s, a writer and medical doctor by the name of Gordon Stables emphasized the importance of feeding cats regularly and sufficiently. He stated that all cats should be fed at least two meals a day for optimum health and hunting skills. Shortly after, the dog food company “Spratt” began to advertise their “superior” cat food brand. 

Today, cat food comes in two forms, including wet and dry. Dry food is cooked in high temperatures and pressures. After the cooking process is completed, heat sensitive vitamins and fats are added to the food. Wet food is generally canned but may be found in pouches or plastic containers. Vegan and vegetarian food exists for cats and dogs; however, it is important that if the owners choose this type of food that essential vitamins are added to it. Some owners may choose to make their cat’s food themselves. If this is done, it is important to be aware of the cat’s nutritional needs. This can be done by looking at the nutrient chart designed for cats. Many owners may feel that commercial cat food is made with unhealthy ingredients. Commercial dog and cat food is mostly made with animal byproducts, or the parts of animals that are not intended for human consumption. 

Canned and packaged wet food may be more appealing to owners and their cats alike. Wet food tends to be more costly, particularly if the higher-quality brands are purchased. In canned food, there are often scraps of food remaining at the bottom of the can that an owner may discard; however, using products such as the cat food spatula in Hatfield, PA, may make getting the pesky remaining scraps to the cat’s bowl a bit easier. 

Why Picking the Right Vet Is Important

Are you looking for the right veterinarian? Picking the right one can be difficult, but it is necessary. You might think that your pets are nearly indestructible and that they never get sick or injured. In reality, your pets need just as much (if not more) care as you do. The difference between a good vet and a poor vet can be the difference between Fido living to be 18 and living to be eight. Want to know what to look for when looking for a place like ABC Pet Clinic? Here are a few things to be careful of.

A Great Vet

The first thing you need to do when selecting a vet is find a few that are relatively near to you. If your vet is too far away, chances are, you won’t go. You probably wouldn’t want to drive an hour each way just to get to your dentist. Imagine having to do the same to reach your vet. If it is too big of a hassle to go to your vet, you won’t take your pet.

Distance can play another factor in your pet’s health. If something serious happens to your dog, cat, bird, or any other pet, driving an hour might be impossible. If your pet needs immediate attention, having a vet nearby can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Find a vet that is highly recommended by both friends and the public as a whole. Speak with your friends that own pets and see where they like to go (and which places to avoid). Chances are, you will begin to hear the same office mentioned more than once. Also, check local publications. Many newspapers, magazines, and websites will feature annual awards for everything from restaurants to vets offices. Look for an office that comes highly recommended and you will be more likely to receive better attention.

You might think that a busy vet is a good vet. While a busy office usually indicates some proficiency on the part of the vet, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the best treatment for your pet. If your vet is too busy to properly care for you animal, they might miss something serious. A busy vet might diagnose problems urinating as an infection. A vet that has the necessary time to devote to your pet might see that urinary problem as an indication of life-threatening bladder cancer. You really do need to visit an office that can give your pet the time and attention it needs.

It’s not impossible to find the right vet. There are likely plenty of vets in your area, so the only trouble will be taking the necessary time to find the right one. Remember the points mentioned above. Finding a quality vet like ABC Pet Clinic isn’t impossible, but it will take time. And when you love your pet, doing everything you can to keep them healthy is important. A good vet really can help your pet live longer than you thought possible.

Services Provided by Chimney Sweep Professionals

The job description of a chimney sweep in Atlanta generally doesn’t include singing and dancing on roofs, as may be the case in a certain popular movie. In fact, there are many services provided by a chimney service company that are extremely important for the safety of not only your chimney, but your home in general. Here are a few of these services.


Although many people recognize that a chimney cleaning is important, they may not know how important it is to be cleaned professionally, or how often to have it cleaned. The accumulated soot and debris is removed with a special brush and vacuum. Chemical cleanings are another important service provided by chimney maintenance companies. These are often necessary to remove tar and creosote. These materials can become a fire hazard, so a thorough cleaning yearly can drastically reduce the chances of a chimney fire, which could then spread to your home.


Along with a chimney cleaning, a professional can also inspect your chimney for damage that could become a fire hazard. These inspections are often done with cameras, so they are very thorough. During this inspection, the venting system, lining, and other aspects of the interior and exterior of the chimney are examined for damage.

Masonry Repair

Many people underestimate the importance of sound masonry in the fireplace or chimney. Clearly, missing or damaged bricks are unsightly. But what many people fail to realize is that cracks in the firebox or chimney can result in gases escaping into the home. Chimneys in poor condition can also become dangerous because of the risk of bricks falling on property or people below. Repairing these problems reduces the risk of injury to others as well as the risk of a chimney fire.

Liner Repair or Replacement

In most chimneys, the flue has a liner to protect the masonry of the chimney. This keeps the home safer because it resists corrosion and is well insulated. However, in many cases, the liner may be damaged, especially in older homes. This means that there may be openings in the flue, which allow creosote to build up and possibly ignite. A professional chimney sweep in Atlanta can repair the lining with a sealant that prevents buildup and passage of flammable materials. If the liner is badly damaged, a better alternative may be to replace the flue liner. This is typically done with a stainless steel liner, which provides superior safety and durability. A chimney maintenance company can provide an inspection of the liner in order to advise you on the best course of action. 

Why Tutoring Is a Good Investment

Good investments are things where you put in a little bit and get out a lot. There is a little more to it, but that is the basic idea. That is precisely what Bespoke tutoring can be for you. These kinds of services allow you to do well in your school work and will force you to use your time wisely. Since education will take you far, and time is something all people tend to run short on in life, it stands to reason that very few things will be as good an investment as this kind of service.

Helps with Education

Your education is vital to your success. The more you know, the more you will be able to accomplish. If you have begun to fall behind in your schooling, then there is no shame in that. Everyone learns at their own pace. That being said, if you fall behind, you need to do what is necessary to get caught back up. That is exactly what programs like Bespoke Tutoring can do for you. They can help you comprehend the principles that went over your head in class and make sure that you know what is needed to get high marks in your class.

Makes Good Use of Your Time

Your time is precious. Very few people these days complain about having too much time on their hands. Having something like Bespoke Tutoring can be very helpful as they will force you to use your time wisely. You will learn things faster and will get your work done in much shorter spans of time. This will leave you more time to work and study without floundering in a state of frustration and confusion. Your education will help you go far, and learning to use your time wisely is something that will set you apart from others. That makes this kind of service a very good investment indeed. It will help you with your current situation and will set you up for future success as well which makes it the gift that keeps on giving.

Finding the Right Storage Facility

Over time, people accrue a lot of things. These things may be family heirlooms, such as special furniture or china that was inherited from a loved one, or they may be simple decorations. Some people may have big homes, and so they feel the need to fill them with a lot of decorations and furniture. Other people may simply accumulate trinkets from their children, such as toys, trophies, and clothing. None of these things are bad, but over time they can take up a lot of space. After a certain amount of time, space can run out. Some people may try to have garage sales when this happens, but a garage sale doesn’t always help. Some things are simply too valuable or sentimentally valued to be parted with. Not having enough storage in a home can be a problem. If there is not enough space for everything, the home may appear cluttered and disorganized. Things can become hard to find. Fortunately, there are options for people that do not have very much storage space. More and more companies are offering storage units for people that want them. Here are some things to look for in a Middletown storage facility.

Before looking for a storage unit, you should always have an idea of what you need to store. This can help save a lot of time, as some locations only have certain sizes of units available. Depending on your storage needs, a unit can fit from one room worth of things, up to seven rooms worth of furniture and other items. Consider putting all of the things that are storage-bound in a single area, and see how much space they take up. Finding the right size of unit from the start can save you both time and money!

Another thing to consider when looking for a storage unit is the security. If you are going to be storing valuables, you do not want them to be at risk of being stolen. Look for a storage facility that does not take security lightly. Each storage unit should have a lock, as well as an alarm. This provides extra protection for your things, as the sound of an alarm scares many burglars away. Some facilities may also have security cameras, increasing the security of your valuables. In the event that someone does get into the property, the company will have footage, helping you to recover your lost items.

Middletown storage is designed to make your life easier. However, it is important to find an storage facility that is easily accessible. If your storage unit is too far from where you live or work, it may be difficult to get there when you need something. Furthermore, some storage facilities are only open certain times of the day. These times often conflict with work schedules. Look for a facility that offers convenient, round-the-clock access to your things. This makes it easy to pick up your things when you truly need them!

Portable Bathroom Rental Ideas and Usage Tips

bathroom rentaThere are times that you really need an Indianapolis portable bathroom rental company to provide toilets for your event. You may be having a family reunion in a remote area where no toilets are available. Renting some portable toilets is the best way to go. There are portable toilets at running events, concerts, races, barbeques, weddings, farmer’s markets, corn mazes, large service projects, large cleanup projects, constructions sites, school activities, and many other locations and events.  Continue reading…

Fly a Private Charter and Enjoy Traveling Again

Flying on a plane used to be a magical experience, right? Now your departing and returning flights are like the horrible bookends surrounding what are otherwise great visits with family, memorable vacations, and successful business trips. Unfortunately, planes are still the safest and most convenient way to travel, despite all the baggage disputes, awful seatmates, and general inconveniences. Of course, all of those problems are the byproducts of commercial airline travel. Instead, try booking with a St Louis aircraft private charter company. You’ll find traveling by air can not only be safe and convenient, but pleasurable as well.


The Curse of the Commercial Flight


Remembering when flying on a plane used to be a classy, comfortable affair? If you do, you should tell your grandchildren before you die. That’s how long it’s been since flying on a plane was a pleasurable experience. Unfortunately, a combination of general affordability and a general population which is completely lacking in etiquette and class has made flying a terrible experience. People don’t believe that getting on an airplane is special anymore. It’s become as commonplace as taking a bus. Soaring through the skies in a marvel of modern engineering has unfortunately become an experience akin to waiting in line at a big box store while a lady in sweatpants tries to return a broken margarita mixer. Nowadays, flying coach means listening to the blood-curdling shrieks of unattended babies. Nowadays, flying coach means getting jammed in the ribs as the person sitting next to you gorges on a $12 personal pan pizza, smacking their lips the whole time as if they’re somehow invisible to the rest of the world. Nowadays, flying coach means having to endure the sight and the smells of fellow passengers who appear to have shuffled to the airport in their sweat-soaked, food-encrusted pajama bottoms. Moreover, it’s not as though flying first class is an amenable solution. All you’re getting when you fly first class on a commercial airline is the same breed of farm animal/human hybrid, except they have enough extra money to get obnoxiously drunk during the flight. However, for the same price it would cost you to fly first class on a commercial airline, you can get on board a privately chartered plane and bring the class back to air travel. Charter planes rarely experience delays, cancellations or blackout days. They can fly to a much wider range of airports. There are no long lines to board, no uncomfortable squeezes and no unendurable annoyances from your fellow passengers – because there are no fellow passengers. It’s just you, the people you like, some room to stretch your legs and a glass of champagne poured by a genuinely friendly steward. Suddenly, the skies seem a lot friendlier, don’t they?


Safe and Reliable


When you’re traveling with a St Louis aircraft private charter company, your sanity won’t be the only thing that is kept safe. Statistically speaking, it is much safer to fly on a private charter plane than it ever was on a normal commercial flight. Part of the reason why is because the pilot is not on a long, grueling schedule, constantly flying back and forth between destinations. In reality, the pilot on a private plane is probably about as well-rested as you are! Private planes also go through all the same rigorous safety inspections and maintenance routines as a big commercial aircraft. Flying on a private plane is a safe, serene, and stylish way to get from Point A to Point B. Once you fly private, you’ll never want to fly on a commercial airline again.

What to Expect from Your Vet

When you have a pet you love, that dog, cat, lizard, bird, or other critter becomes a part of the family. It is difficult to imagine a life without them around. As a responsible animal lover, you do what is required to care for their needs and overall health. There are times when your love and care is just not enough to keep them healthy and thriving. Disease may creep in. Surgery may be required. It is difficult to foresee the future health needs of your fury friends, but one thing you need to consider now, is the Vet you will place in charge of your pets care. Look for a Columbus Vet you can trust

When you are looking for a good Vet, it is important to look at your expectations and find someone capable of giving your pet the care and attention they deserve. Do not settle for less than the very best when it comes to the wellbeing of your cherished animals.

Specialized Treatment for Your Pet

When your pet requires medication, surgery, or a simple spay or neutering procedure, you want to find a clinic well versed in the proper treatment for your animal’s condition. There are Vet clinics and then there are full-service animal hospitals where your pet can stay and receive prolonged treatment after surgeries. You will be happy to know that there are facilities fully equipped to handle the health care needs of your cherished pet. Put your mind at ease knowing that your animals will be cared for with the best treatments available.

Competence and Ease with Animals

As with any healthcare professional, some have good bedside manner and some do not. When you are choosing the highest quality care for your pet, choose the Vet with an ease around animals. Most people who go into veterinarian work do so because they love animals and have a gift for connecting and caring for pets. This will make it easy to find a good healthcare worker for your animal’s needs. Take the time to feel it out and find a good connection for both you and your pet.

Specialized Training and Good Reputation

Of course, you want to be sure your animal doctor has the credentials to back up his work. When searching out a good fit for you and your family pet, be sure to ask around and get recommendations from friends and other trusted sources. When you choose a Columbus Vet with a good reputation, you will have confidence in the future health of your pet.


Which Bankruptcy Attorney Should You Pursue?

banktuptWhen it comes to selecting a lawyer, it’s crucial to work with someone who takes the time to understand your situation and can explain the complexities of pursuing bankruptcy to you in a simple language. When finding a solution for a financial hardship, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. A good bankruptcy attorney in Memphis, TN, understands this, and will analyze a case before suggesting a solution. A wrong approach can have devastating consequences. If you want to ensure that you hire the best possible lawyer for your budget, consider asking a counselor the following questions. Continue reading…

Tips on Choosing Childcare Services

ChildcareSending your child to preschool or daycare can be a frightening and difficult thing. You are putting your most precious possession into somebody else’s hands for the day and just hoping that they are being cared for appropriately.

With all of the horror stories out there of bad things that happen to children in these places combined with all of the advantages early education can provide, it can be hard to make a decision about sending your kids. Following are some basic tips to help you choose the right center for childcare in Canton, MI. Continue reading…